Basic Inspection



(1) Unless otherwise stated, all resistance measurements should be made at an ambient temperature of 20°C (68°F). Resistance measurements may be inaccurate if measured at high temperatures, i.e. immediately after the vehicle has been running. Measurements should be made after the engine has cooled down.


(1) When disconnecting a connector, first squeeze the mating halves tightly together to release the lock, and then press the lock claw and separate the connector.

(2) When disconnecting a connector, do not pull on the harnesses. Grasp the connector directly and separate it.

(3) Before connecting a connector, check that there are no deformed, damaged, loose or missing terminals.

(4) When connecting a connector, press firmly until it locks with a "click" sound.

(5) If checking a connector with a TOYOTA electrical tester, check the connector from the backside (harness side) using a mini test lead. NOTICE:

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