Check Component Status

(a) Compare the test value with the minimum test limit (MIN LIMIT) and maximum test limit (MAX LIMIT).

(b) If the test value is between the minimum and maximum test limits, the component is functioning normally. If not, the component is malfunctioning. The test value is usually not near the test limits. If the test value is near the test limits, the component is likely to malfunction in the near future. HINT:

The monitor result might on rare occasions be PASS even if the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) is illuminated. This indicates the system malfunctioned on a previous driving cycle. This might be caused by an intermittent problem. 4. MONITOR RESULT INFORMATION

If you use a generic scan tool, multiply the test value by the scaling value listed below.

A/F Sensor (Sensor 1)

Monitor ID

Test ID






Multiply by 0.001


A/F sensor deterioration level



Multiply by 0.004


A/F sensor current

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