Toyota Rav4 Fixing Coil


• These DTCs indicate malfunctions relating to the primary circuit.

• If DTC P0351 is set, check No. 1 ignition coil with igniter circuit.

• If DTC P0352 is set, check No. 2 ignition coil with igniter circuit.

• If DTC P0353 is set, check No. 3 ignition coil with igniter circuit.

• If DTC P0354 is set, check No. 4 ignition coil with igniter circuit. A Direct Ignition System (DIS) is used on this vehicle.

The DIS is a 1-cylinder ignition system in which each cylinder is ignited by one ignition coil and one spark plug is connected to the end of each secondary wiring. A powerful voltage, generated in the secondary wiring, is applied directly to each spark plug. The sparks of the spark plugs pass from the center electrode to the ground electrodes.

The ECM determines the ignition timing and transmits the ignition (IGT) signals to each cylinder. Using the IGT signal, the ECM turns the power transistor inside the igniter on and off. The power transistor, in turn, switches on and off the current to the primary coil. When the current to the primary coil is cut off, a powerful voltage is generated in the secondary coil. This voltage is applied to the spark plugs, causing them to spark inside the cylinders. As the ECM cuts the current to the primary coil, the igniter sends back an ignition confirmation (iGf) signal to the ECM, for each cylinder ignition.

Crankshaft Position Sensor

Camshaft Position Sensor

Other Sensors (Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor, Mass Air Flow Meter, Throttle Position Sensor, etc.)

To Tachometer



To Tachometer


From Battery

= Ignition Coil

I No. 2 Ignition Coil with Igniter

I No. 3 Ignition Coil with Igniter i___

I No. 4 Ignition Coil with Igniter

No. 1 Ignition Coil with Igniter

No. 1 Spark Plug

No. 2 Spark Plug

No. S Spark Plug

No. 4 Spark Plug


DTC Detection Conditions

Trouble Areas

R0351 R0352 R0353 R0354

No IGF signal to ECM while engine running (1 trip detection logic)

• Ignition system

• Open or short in IGF1 or IGT circuit (1 to 4) between ignition coil with igniter and ECM

• No. 1 to No. 4 ignition coils with igniters

IGT Ground ^

IGF Ground ^


Reference: Inspection using an oscilloscope.

While cranking or idling the engine, check the waveform between terminals IGT (1 to 4) and E1, and IGF1 and E1 of the ECM connector.




CH1: IGT1, IGT2, IGT3, IGT4 - E1 CH2: IGF1 - E1

Equipment Settings

2 V/Division 20 msec./Division


Cranking or idling


Toyota Igniter Igt Igf

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