The Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor, mounted on the Mass Air Flow (MAF) meter, monitors the IAT. The IAT sensor has a built-in thermistor with a resistance that varies according to the temperature of the intake air. When the IAT is low, the resistance of the thermistor increases. When the temperature is high, the resistance drops. These variations in resistance are transmitted to the ECM as voltage changes (See Fig. 1).

The IAT sensor is powered by a 5 V supply from the THA terminal of the ECM, via resistor R. Resistor R and the IAT sensor are connected in series. When the resistance value of the IAT sensor changes, according to changes in the IAT, the voltage at terminal THA also varies. Based on this signal, the ECM increases the fuel injection volume when the engine is cold to improve driveability.


DTC Detection Condition

Trouble Area


When either condition below is met:

1. The intake air temperature rise is large, from the previous trip warm-up to the following trip (2 trip detection logic).

2. When the change in the intake air temperature after engine start is less than the threshold value.

Mass air flow meter assembly

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