If the measurement is required with over kmh mph remove the propeller shaft

(f) Using chassis dynamometer

Vehicle Condition

Chassis dynamometer Type


2-Wheel Chassis Dynamometer

• Remove the propeller shaft.

• Remove the 4WD fuse from fuse box during the test.


After the test, reinstall the fuse, and then delete DTC C1298.

T vl/

4 -Wheel Free Chassis Dynamometer


Do not use a 4 wheel chassis dynamometer.

Vehicle Condition

Chassis dynamometer Type


4-Wheel Driven Chassis Dynamometer

When performing high speed, high load measurements on a chassis dynamometer, observe the following instructions and then measure with the front wheels.

(1) If the vehicle is equipped with the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) & Traction Control (TRAC) system, prohibit the system from activating.

(2) Ensure that the vehicle is securely fixed in place. HINT:

• Sudden shifting, braking, acceleration or deceleration is not allowed.

• Make sure to activate the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) & Traction Control (TRAC) system after the test. Check that the VSC warning indicator light goes off when restarting the engine.

(g) On-Vehicle Wheel Balancing:

When performing on-vehicle wheel balancing on an active torque control 4WD vehicle, to prevent each wheel from being rotated at a different speed and in different directions, always be sure to observe the following precautions.

(1) All 4 wheels should be jacked up and lifted off of the ground completely.

(2) Press the 4WD LOCK-MODE SWITCH to turn it OFF and disable the 4WD system. CAUTION:

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