Input Instructions

(a) Intelligent tester

The arrow buttons (UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LEFT) and numerical buttons (0 to 9) are used to input the VIN.

Cursor Operation

To move the cursor around the tester screen, press the RIGHT and LEFT buttons. Alphabetical Character Input

(1) Press the UP and DOWN buttons to select the desired alphabetical character.

(2) After selection, the cursor should move. Numeric Character Input

Press the numerical button corresponding to the number that you want to input. After input, the cursor should move. HINT:

Numerical characters can also be selected by using the UP and DOWN buttons. Correction

(1) When correcting the input character(s), put the cursor onto the character using the RIGHT and LEFT buttons.

(2) Select or input the correct character using the UP/DOWN buttons, or the numerical buttons.

Finishing Input Operation

(1) Make sure that the input VIN matches the vehicle VIN after input.

(2) Press the ENTER button on the tester.

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