Inspect Camshaft Position Sensor Resistance

Cmp Sensor 1kz

(a) Disconnect the B6 Camshaft Position (CMP) sensor connector.

(b) Measure the resistance between terminals 1 and 2. Standard resistance

Tester Connections


Specified Conditions

1 - 2


1,630 to 2,740 n

1 - 2


2,065 to 3,225 n


Terms cold and hot refer to the temperature of the sensor. Cold means approximately -10° to 50°C (14 °to 122°F). Hot means approximately 50° to 100°C (122°to 212°F).

Reconnect the CMP sensor connector.

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  • Dora
    What is the resistance of camshaft position sensor on toyota rav4?
    9 years ago

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