Notice For Using Swing Arm Type Lift

(a) Follow safety procedures outlined in its instruction manual.

(b) Use a swing arm equipped with a rubber attachment, as shown in the illustration.

(c) When using the lift, make sure that the vehicle is stabilized so that it will not tilt while work is being performed. Stabilize the vehicle by adjusting the lift arm's length and vehicle's position.

(d) When using the lift, its center should be as close to the vehicle's center of gravity as possible (length of "L" in the illustration should be as short as possible).

(e) Set the vehicle on the lift as level as possible. Then match the groove of the cradle to the rigid rack support location.

(f) Be sure to lock the swing arms before lifting and during work (if equipped with arm locks).

(g) Lift the vehicle up off the ground. Stand at a safe distance and shake the vehicle to check its stability.

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