P Vent valve stuck closed

One of following conditions set


EVAP pressure just after reference pressure measurement start

More than -1 kPa-g (-7.5 mmHg-g)

Reference pressure

Less than -4.85 kPa-g (-36.4 mmHg-g)

Reference pressure

-1.057 kPa-g (-7.93 mmHg-g) or more

Reference pressure

Not saturated within 60 seconds

Reference pressure difference between first and second

0.7 kPa-g (5.25 mmHg-g) or more

P2420: Vent valve stuck open (vent)

EVAP pressure change after EVAP canister vent valve ON

Less than 0.3 kPa-g (2.25 mmHg-g)

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  • teuvo
    What is a vent valve on a rav4 toyota?
    8 years ago
  • Marko
    Where is rav4 ventilation valve?
    8 years ago

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