Purge flow monitor

The purge flow monitor consists of the two monitors. The 1 st monitor is conducted every time and the 2nd monitor is activated if necessary. • The 1st monitor

While the engine is running and the purge VSV (Vacuum Switching Valve) is ON (open), the ECM monitors the purge flow by measuring the EVAP pressure change. If negative pressure is not created, the ECM begins the 2nd monitor.

The vent valve is turned OFF (open) and the EVAP pressure is measured. If the variation in the pressure is less than 0.5 kPa-g (3.75 mmHg-g), the ECM interprets this as the purge VSV being stuck closed, and illuminates the MIL and sets DTC P0441 (2 trip detection logic). Atmospheric pressure check:

In order to ensure reliable malfunction detection, the variation between the atmospheric pressures, before and after conduction of the purge flow monitor, is measured by the ECM.

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