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Test Results

Suspected Trouble Areas

Proceed To


EVAP pressure in step (b) between -4.85 kPa-g and -1.057 kPa-g (-36.4 mmHg-g and -7.93 mmHg-g)

Not yet determined


P043F and P2401

EVAP pressure in step (b) -1.057 kPa-g (-7.93 mmHg-g) or more

• Reference orifice high-flow

• Leak detection pump stuck OFF



EVAP pressure in step (b) below -4.85 kPa-g (36.4 mmHg-g)

Reference orifice clogged



EVAP pressure in step (a) more than -1.057 kPa-g (-7.93 mmHg-g)

Vent valve stuck closed


*: These DTCs are already present in the ECM when the vehicle arrives and are confirmed in the "CONFIRM DTC" procedures above.

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