The maximum driving time should be minute

(c) When using a braking force tester (free roller type): When performing measurements using a low-speed type (Vehicle Speed: Below 0.5 km/h or 0.3 mph) brake tester, observe the following instructions.

(1) Press the 4WD LOCK-MODE SWITCH to turn it OFF and disable the 4WD system.

(2) If the vehicle is equipped with the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) & Traction Control (TRAC) system, prohibit the system from activating.

(3) Position the front wheels on the tester roller.

(4) Position the rear wheels on the free roller.

(5) Ensure that the vehicle does not move using wires.

(6) Shift the transmission shift lever to the "N" position.

(7) Idle the engine, operate the brake booster and perform the test.

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