I Earn 10k Per Week Selling Cars, I Can Teach You How

About The Creator

Frank Joseph is the best sales coach and trainer you've never heard of. His deep understanding of modernized sales techniques and neuroscience puts him in the top 1% of sales educators on the planet. Until now his unique selling system has been reserved for individuals lucky enough for a one-on-one training experience.

Like a man obsessed, Frank spent years trying out and developing new systems and strategies that were battle-tested to work out in the field in real-time with real prospects. His newfound system had to be teachable and replicable to yield similar results for any level salesperson with any level of sales ability. Frank's Sale Vectoring platform has become the game-changer. It has become the bridge between the elite and the average.

The Selling Matrix is the result of Frank’s years of battle-tested sale techniques and foundations re-engineered into one complete sales platform. Frank’s Sale Vectoring discovery has shaped the sales landscape for many professionals who have chosen to adopt his methodologies and techniques. For the first time, his one-of-a-kind selling system is now available to anyone ready to take control of their financial future and start earning at their true potential.

Do you want to sell cars? Frank has taken a wealth of knowledge and has done 100's of hours of research combined with real-life experience so that you don't have to. These aren't all new ideas, he has taken proven and tested techniques and put them in one place so that you can benefit. Frank's promise to every Automotive sales professional who joins the team is this: "Your true earning potential will be realized, and you will never waste another shift again."

About The Program

The Selling Matrix is the most up to date, cutting edge “automotive specific” sales platform available. Due largely to the fact all its underlying foundations and principals are founded on neuroscience your results become predictable and replicable. Its unique approach to modern sales is the result of the ever-changing consumer landscape. 

Until now there has not been a definitive answer to the complexity of today’s modern buyer. The internet has changed the way purchase decisions are made. As a result, the modern consumer is locked and loaded with information that most commission salesmen are not fundamentally prepared to handle. This is the reason why Frank Joseph’s sale vectoring process is so beneficial and productive in today's sales arena. Sale Vectoring has been designed and arranged to flow in a natural order of purchase decision progression. It flows with the natural mental processes a purchaser goes through while forming a purchase decision making buying from you feel natural, safe, and most importantly logical.

The Essentials course that comes with the program consists of 22 killer videos with content you could never find anywhere else. Each short video is packed with techniques you can apply immediately to begin seeing results right away.

The Essential course also offers:

  • An introduction to new-age automotive sales techniques and methodologies
  • Sneak peek videos to the enhanced VIP course
  • 12 Introductory videos on sales instruction and techniques, shot in 4k
  • 10 instructional videos which have never been released to the public (bonus)

Benefits Of The Program

The selling matrix can benefit you in so many ways:

  • With the help of this program, you can earn the money you’ve always known you’re worth as an automotive seller. Wouldn’t that feel good?
  • The science-based platforms allow for the same or similar results to be achieved each time they are utilized, therefore, everyone wins.
  • By utilizing the contents of the Essential course, you can save yourself $40,000 in education and 5 years of schooling. Everything you need to succeed has been included in 22 cutting edge videos.
  • The selling matrix can be your auto sales survival guide. A lack of “real world” automotive sales education has set us up for failure, however, that ends today.

Product Format

This product comes in an online course format. Once you make your payment, you’ll receive an email with a link to the course and your generated password. The entire course is password-protected, so make sure you bookmark the link and keep your password safe.

Whom It's For

The selling matrix is a complete solution for anyone struggling in their current sales situation and the perfect weapon for the individual who wants to accelerate their career in the shortest time possible.

Earn 10k Per Week Selling Cars
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