Total OBD and ECU Auto Diagnostics Review

Total OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics

TOAD(Total OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics) Is the last Diagnostic tool you’ll ever need.

The TOAD system is a suite of car diagnostic tools and tuning software. Loaded with all the same functions used by dealerships and constantly updated by expert engineers, so you’ll always be supported. Total Car Diagnostics has created a product that will last a lifetime.. You can submit support tickets and questions at any time in regards to fixing, diagnosing, or reprogramming your car’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) directly to the Total Car Diagnostics support team. As new cars and codes are released they update the software accordingly so you never have to buy an update or a new diagnostic tool.

The TOAD system can be loaded onto your laptop and then connected directly to your car. No extra expensive scanners or equipment is required. Take complete control of your car while parked in your garage or leave your laptop plugged in while driving for even more detailed readouts.

The TOAD system is extremely versatile, extracting up to 90% more codes and critical operation data from your car than the average mobile app or hand-held scanner tools. While these tools become outdated and obsolete the TOAD® system is constantly being updated by the finest car engineers and technicians responsible for moving the auto-industry standards forward.

With a collective 60+ years of car maintenance and repair experience Total Car Diagnostics live and breath cars.

Total Car diagnostics have a collective experience working on cars that exceeds 60 years. They are experts when it comes to car performance tuning and OBD diagnostics. Total Car Diagnostics has experience based off of years of dealing with every conceivable car situation possible. The people at Total Car Diagnostics have spent years programming ECU’s from scratch, They know exactly how they work from the ground up. Their team includes typical car service mechanics, electrical specialist, and programmers. The TOAD® system was built because they saw a need in the market that no one else was fulfilling. They built their TOAD system because they loved their cars and know that you do too. They have spent years developing this system and want to share their collective knowledge with new customers, to create an unbeatable diagnostic solution

Total Car Diagnostics will allow you to take superior control of your car

TOAD (Total OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics) is a complete package that allows anyone to check on the health and performance of their car. The TOAD® system shows detailed information about your car’s engine, transmission, brakes, airbag system, and anything else you need to know. Optimize your car’s ECU chip to run more efficient, using 17 advanced software applications.

Tune and edit any type of car’s ECU data values to optimize the car’s fuel economy, analyze Dyno / Dynamometer, horsepower, and torque. Essentially hacking your car’s computer into performing just they way you want it to. Use the TOAD system to determine your car’s 0-60 timings without the use of a GPS system.

Find and diagnose small problems before they turn into huge costly repairs.

The TOAD is designed to instantly show and locate existing problems and faults within the car, and tell you how to fix them. Perform thorough health-checks on your car

and generate custom dashboard charts, graphs, and gauges with live data then save them to compare over time. Save logs from when your car is running smoothly to pinpoint future problems. Use these health-checks to create comprehensive CO2 readouts to ensure you’ll pass any emission test used in your area.

In addition to locating the problem the TOAD system comes with comprehensive manuals that will walk you through the process of fixing any problems your car may have. Easily look up any error codes that the TOAD system might find inside your car’s computer. For those who wish to work on their own car and prevent having to go into a shop, the TOAD system is exactly what you need. The included manuals contain thousands of pages of fault codes, patches, PCB layouts, and step-by-step instructions on how to fix any code. Structured with pictures, schematics, and easy to follow directions any novice can understand. For those who are more advanced, the manuals also have comprehensive sections that go in depth covering every possible aspect, no matter how complex. Easily fix and reset that troubling check engine light, or completely tune your car’s performance to prevent trouble later down the road. Save yourself the time and frustration of trying to troubleshoot the problem and instantly pin-point the trouble then use the manuals to easily find the solution with the most cost-effective remedies. The manuals list all car models from around the world and the codes associated with those cars. You can be confident that your car’s codes are covered in detail.

The TOAD is designed for everyone, from professional mechanics to the novice hobbyist.

Whether you are a professional mechanic with thousands of customers, or a one person operation working out of your garage on your own car, TOAD can help you. The TOAD is geared towards expert car shops, out performing the costly high-end automotive scan tools.

Save your company thousands of dollars on diagnostic tools and tuning software. Total Car Diagnostics will continue to offer support to you and your business for as long as you are using their product. When you purchase the TOAD system, you are also buying lifetime support.

TOAD is also designed to be simple enough for home car owners to use with ease without years of technical experience working on cars. Save hundreds of dollars by doing the diagnostics yourself and use the supplied manuals to help walk you through the process of fixing the problem. Never hesitate to contact the customer support team with any question about your repairs or ECU chiptuning problems.

Purchase the TOAD system and get the all-in-one system you need.

When you purchase the TOAD system you will receive a suite of diagnostic and tuning software DVD. This DVD includes all the same functions as original dealer diagnostic tools, which normally are not available to the public. The DVD is fully ready to be installed onto your computer and includes, OBD-1 software, OBD-2 software, ECU tuning and editing software, manuals, emission testing decryptors, and ECU map files.

You also get to choose between the USB or Bluetooth interface. They both work identically well, it’s your car and your choice. The only thing you will need to get the TOAD system working for you, is a laptop of any brand running windows(32/64 bit). Make sure your laptop has a USB port and Windows XP operating system or higher. Thats it, everything else you’ll need to diagnosis or tune your car is supplied.

Total OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics
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