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Vinhistory Car History

Based in Wilmington, DE, this an online platform that allows to appropriately pull auto’s history by means of VIN. Undoubtedly, getting the history of a vehicle is not an easy thing. Nevertheless, this platform tries to simplify everything for you as much as possible. Though not listed in Better Business Bureau, its partner, has a D-rating. Basically, rating depends on ten closed complaints within the last three year. Even though appears to be effective, there are several complaints from users that you need to be aware of. For instance, some users complain of too much advertisement while the vehicle is being checked and that the option for $1 report will not offer everything.

How the Program Works

The program was designed to offer individuals relevant information relating to the vehicle they intend to purchase. This is achieved through an efficient and inexpensive strategy. You are only required to enter the vehicle VIN and you will have access to at least 28 million records, all within minutes. The details relating to the vehicle are retrieved from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMTVIS). The most outstanding feature of this program is that it charges significantly lesser than other programs offering the same services. Nevertheless, several attempts to get a premium report never worked. This was very discouraging.

When it comes to basic search, you will have to part ways with $1. Isn’t this a fantastic deal? If you remember similar services may cost at least $40. Nevertheless, if you need some extra services, for instance, the owner history and the accidents it has been involved in, you will have to incur more costs. In case you are a commercial user, the program gives a discount of $9.99 each month for a maximum of 25 searches in the same month. We also want to mention that it will be very important you be very careful in case you are a new user. Otherwise, you may be tricked into subscribing to the full account of worth $9.99 per month. This may occur due to so many adverts as well as the web not being upfront with the reality that signing up will result in more costs.

Even though there is no specific information relating to refunds, the web shows it is quite simple. It guarantees that you will be refunded the full amount in case you do not get all you wanted from it. You only have to contact 855-482-6465 in order to initiate the refund process.

Advantages of the Program            

  • It avails records with as little as $1. This is very cheap compared to what other programs offering similar services charge.
  • It is fast and relatively easy to use.
  • It has a very responsive support team.
  • Using the program will help you lessen the chances of being scammed. You will be able to know the material information relating to the vehicle before you purchase it. This involves ownership confirmation as well as the service history.
  • All the hidden problems about the auto will be availed. This may include accidents and lemons.
  • It accurately estimates the value of a car

The disadvantage of the Program

  • While it appears to be cheap, $1 gives very little information. In fact, some users say the information provided was not material.
  • The web is not professionally structured and contains a number of features which do not work.
  • There are a lot of complaints from users. This is a red flag you shouldn’t ignore. For instance, users complain of too many advertisements.
  • It requires users to be extremely careful not to be automatically subscribed to 25 monthly searches. This might be too expensive for you.
  • Its sister company, has a very low rating in one of the local bureaus.

The Bottom Line

VINhistory is a fantastic online program that avails material information about vehicles to users. In so doing, it significantly lessens the chances of being conned. It helps them make informed decisions whenever they need to purchase vehicles. The service is reasonably charged if compared to what others charge. Even though the program has a number of positive reviews, they are also a number of complaints from users. For instance, they are persistent complaints of too many advertisements.

Vinhistory Car History
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