Caution Clutch disc should be soaked in ATF for minutes prior to installation


1. Coat "O" rings with ATF. To complete reassembly, reverse disassembly procedure. Ensure piston return spring snap ring is fully seated and ends do not align with claw area on spring retainer of piston return spring.

2. Install cushion plate with rounded end toward inside of clutch drum. Install plates and discs, starting with a plate. Install appropriate number of plates and discs. See Fig. 37.

3. Install flange with rounded edge toward disc. Install snap ring. Ensure end gap of snap ring is not aligned with forward clutch drum cut out portion. Place clutch drum on overdrive support. Measure piston stroke while applying 57-114 psi (4-8 kg/cm2 ) to piston supply port. See Fig. 38. See FORWARD CLUTCH PISTON STROKE SPECIFICATIONS table.

4. If clearance is not within specifications, install different thickness flange. Flanges are available in thicknesses of .118-.173" (3.0-4.4 mm) in .008" (.20 mm) increments. Install thrust bearing and race. Align tabs of the clutch discs.

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