Caution Do Not tighten ring gear bolts to specification until ring gear has cooled

13. Once ring gear has cooled, tighten ring gear bolts in a crisscross pattern to specification. Bend tabs on lock plates against ring gear bolts.

14. Install differential case into carrier and tighten adjust nut enough to ensure no play exists in bearing. Install bearing caps. Using a dial indicator, measure ring gear runout. See Fig. 7 . See AXLE ASSEMBLY SPECIFICATIONS . Remove bearing caps and differential case.

15. Using a press, install NEW races for front and rear bearings into differential carrier (if removed). Install oil storage ring (if equipped). If installing NEW rear bearing onto drive pinion, install washer with same thickness as removed. Press rear bearing onto drive pinion.

16. Install drive pinion, front bearing and oil slinger (if equipped) into differential carrier. DO NOT install spacer and oil seal at this time.

17. Install companion flange onto drive pinion. Coat threads of drive pinion nut with oil. Install drive pinion nut onto drive pinion.

18. Hold companion flange and slightly tighten drive pinion nut in small increments to obtain correct drive pinion rotating torque.

2001 DRIVE AXLES Differentials & Axle Shafts - Rear Separate Carrier

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