Caution Fuel leak detection should be reset only after performing gas leak procedure to ensure gas leak has been repaired

If Engine Control Module (ECM) detects a gas leak through signals received from fuel rail fuel pressure sensor and fuel pipe fuel pressure sensor, ECM performs fuel leak detection and closes fuel tank fuel shutoff valve, fuel rail fuel shutoff valve and fuel pressure regulator fuel shutoff valve. ECM also flashes LOW FUEL LEVEL warning light on instrument panel at one second intervals to warn the operator. LOW FUEL LEVEL warning light is located on instrument panel near bottom of fuel gauge. LOW FUEL LEVEL warning light may also flash if a low fuel condition exists. If a low fuel condition exists, this display is different than display for a fuel leak detection, as LOW FUEL LEVEL warning light will be off for 2 seconds and then come on for one second with a 2 second pause between the flashes.

2001 ENGINE PERFORMANCE Theory & Operation

Fuel leak detection may be reset by disconnecting negative battery cable momentarily and then reconnecting negative battery cable. This should enable engine to start.

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Simple Car Care Tips and Advice

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