Circuit Inspection


The speed sensor detects wheel speed and sends the appropriate signals to the ECU. These signals are used for control of the ABS control system. The front and rear rotors each have 48 serrations.

2001 BRAKES ABS With EBD & Trac & VSC System - Diagnostics - Sequoia

Speed Sensor Circuit Working
Fig. 29: Speed Sensor Circuit

When the rotors rotate, the magnetic field emitted by the permanent magnet in the speed sensor generates an

2001 BRAKES ABS With EBD & Trac & VSC System - Diagnostics - Sequoia

AC voltage. Since the frequency of this AC voltage changes in direct proportion to the speed of the rotor, the frequency is used by the ECU to detect the speed of each wheel.


DTC Detecling Condition

Trouble Area

C0200! 31 C0205/ 32 C0210/ 33 C0215/34

When any of the following is detected:

1. During tiMng, speed sensor signals are not input (or a fixed lime.

2. Momentary interruption in speed sensor signals occurs many times during driving.

3. Abnormal signal occurs In pulse signal from speed sensor during driving.

4. Speed sensor signal circuit continues to be open for a fixed time-

• Right front, left front, right rear and lefl rear speed sensor

• Each speed sensor circuit

• Sensor rotor


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