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Side Air Bag Module

1. Before proceeding, see AIR BAG SAFETY PRECAUTIONS . Disable air bag system. See DISABLING SYSTEM under DISABLING & ACTIVATING AIR BAG SYSTEM. Remove appropriate side air bag. See SIDE AIR BAG MODULE under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION. Install

2001 ACCESSORIES/SAFETY EQUIPMENT Toyota - Air Bag Restraint Systems nut on each stud located on rear side of air bag module. Wrap strong wire at least twice around each stud. See Fig. 10 . Ensure no slack is present in wire.

2. Position side air bag inside a scrap tire with air bag deployment direction facing inside and secure with strong wire. See Fig. 10 . Place this tire between 4 other tires (top tire should have wheel installed). Securely tie all tires together with wire.

3. Connect Deployment Tools (09082-00700 and 09082-00750) to side air bag connector. Position deployment tool at least 33 feet away from side air bag. Press activation switch to deploy side air bag. Because of heat, wait 30 minutes before handling side air bag. Seal deployed air bag module in vinyl bag and dispose of in usual manner.


2001 Toyota Sequoia Limited

2001 ACCESSORIES/SAFETY EQUIPMENT Toyota - Air Bag Restraint Systems

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