Drive shaft assemblies may have 1, 2 or 3 shafts, depending on application. The propeller shafts are the 3-joint center flange type. The propeller shafts are 3-joint center yoke type. Locations of slip joints vary with model application. Solid tube type drive shafts have slip joints on outside of "U" joint flange/yoke. This slip joint slides in and out on transmission's splined main shaft.

Propeller shafts are balanced, tubular shafts with "U" joints attached at each end. Flanges or yokes are used to connect drive shaft "U" joints to rear differential spider bearing or to transmission output shaft. "U" joint bearing caps are bolted to shaft flanges, or are pressed into shaft yokes. Propeller shafts can be steel or aluminum.

Aluminum Shaft Joint
Fig. 1: Exploded View Of Propeller Shaft Courtesy of TOYOTA MOTOR SALES, U.S.A., INC.



CAUTION: Be careful not to grip the propeller shaft tube too tightly in a vise, as this

2001 DRIVE AXLES Drive Shafts & Universal Joints - Sequoia, 2WD

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