Fig Exploded View Of Front Axle Shaft Land Cruiser Courtesy of Toyota Motor Sales Usa Inc


Ensure no play exists in outboard joint. Inboard joint must slide smoothly in thrust direction and be free from excessive play in radial direction. Check for torn or damaged boots.


1. Remove CV joint boot clamps, and slide boots from joint. Paint alignment marks on CV joint housings, tripod and shaft(s) for reassembly reference. See Fig. 2 .

2. Remove inner housing from tripod joint and axle shaft. Remove snap ring from end of axle shaft retaining tripod joint.

3. Using a hammer and brass drift, tap tripod joint from axle shaft. DO NOT tap on roller of tripod joint during removal. Remove boots from axle shaft. Using a screwdriver and hammer, remove dust shield from axle shaft.


1. To reassemble, reverse disassembly procedure. Install NEW dust seal on axle shaft. Wrap splines on axle shaft with tape to prevent damaging boots during installation.

2. Install NEW boots and NEW boot clamps on axle shaft. Install tripod joint on axle shaft with beveled side toward outer joint. Ensure alignment marks align. Apply grease as specified. See GREASE CAPACITY SPECIFICATIONS .

3. Assemble outboard boot onto inboard joint. Set axle shaft to standard length. See AXLE SHAFT LENGTH SPECIFICATIONS table. See Fig. 4 . Install and tighten boot clamps.


To install, reverse removal procedure using NEW gaskets. Coat surfaces of shaft at outer joint with grease before installing axle shaft. Ensure reference marks on axle shaft flange and differential assembly flange are aligned. Check engagement of snap ring, by attempting to pull axle shaft out of differential by hand. Tighten fasteners to specifications. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS .

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