Fig. 4: Match-Marking Components For Reassembly Reference (Typical) Courtesy of TOYOTA MOTOR SALES, U.S.A., INC.


1. Wrap splines on axle shaft ends with plastic tape to prevent damage during reassembly. On FWD models,

2001 DRIVE AXLES AWD & FWD Axle Shafts - Highlander, MR2, RAV4 & Sequoia using a press, install new bearing. Install bearing case sub assembly and a new snap ring into bearing case. Using a press, install bearing case to inboard joint. Install a new snap ring.

2. Using a press, install new dust cover. Ensure dust cover is positioned on shaft so distance from end of center drive shaft to dust cover is 3.58-3.62" (91-92 mm).

3. On 4WD models, using a press, install new dust cover. Install a new snap ring on axle shaft. Temporarily install new outboard joint boot with 2 clamps to axle shaft. Apply grease supplied with overhaul kit to outboard joint and boot. Install boot and boot clamps onto outboard joint.

4. Mount axle shaft in a soft jawed vise. Tighten 2 outboard joint clamps. Install drive shaft damper. Ensure damper is positioned on shaft groove and distance is set to 8.13-8.28" (202.4-206.4 mm). See Fig. 5 .

5. On LH axle shaft, position beveled side of tripod axial spline toward outboard joint. Align reference marks. Using brass punch and hammer, tap tripod onto axle shaft.

6. Apply grease supplied with overhaul kit to inboard joint shaft and boot. Install inboard boot onto outboard joint shaft. Secure inboard boot clamps.

Inboard Motor Installations
Fig. 5: Measuring Front Axle Shaft Length (Highlander) Courtesy of TOYOTA MOTOR SALES U.S.A., LTD.


1. To install, reverse removal procedure. Before installing axle shafts, install NEW snap ring on end of axle shaft. Coat axle shaft seals in transaxle with grease. Coat axle shaft splines and sliding surfaces with gear oil. Position snap ring on end of axle shaft, with opening facing downward.

2. Install axle shaft by lightly tapping axle shaft into transaxle. Ensure axle shaft will move inward and outward approximately .079-.120" (2.00-3.00 mm), and cannot be pulled from transaxle.

3. To install remaining components, reverse removal procedure. Tighten remaining bolts/nuts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS . Fill transfer case (or transaxle) with appropriate lubrication.

2001 DRIVE AXLES AWD & FWD Axle Shafts - Highlander, MR2, RAV4 & Sequoia

Removal (RAV4)

1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove front wheel. Remove engine undercover. Drain gear oil from transaxle into proper container. Remove ABS speed sensor (if equipped). Remove cotter pin and lock cap. See Fig. 6 and Fig. 7 . Apply brakes, and remove axle shaft nut from end of axle shaft. Release brakes.

2. Remove bolt and 2 nuts, and separate lower ball joint from suspension arm. Using a plastic hammer, tap axle shaft from hub. Pull steering knuckle outward, and disconnect axle shaft from steering knuckle.

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