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Hybrid Vehicle (HV) control Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is used for controlling the hybrid system which uses the gasoline engine along with the AC electric motor for vehicle operation. Hybrid vehicle control ECU is referred to as HV ECU. The HV ECU is located below carpet on floor panel, just below passenger's side of instrument panel. HV ECU receives input information from various sensors and electronic control units and determines the torque and output power. HV ECU delivers the demand torque and target RPM to ECM. The ECM uses this input information for controlling throttle opening, fuel injection system, ignition timing and Variable Valve Timing (VVT) system. The ECM delivers the actual engine RPM to the HV ECU. When vehicle is stopped, the HV ECU may deliver a signal to the ECM to indicate that vehicle is stopped. ECM uses this for reducing fuel consumption.

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