Manufacturer does not recommend overhaul of outer joint assembly

1. Remove boot clamps and slide boots from joints. Paint reference marks on outer race and axle shaft for reassembly reference. See Fig. 4 .

2. Remove snap ring from end of axle shaft retaining inboard tripod joint. Remove outer joint shaft from inboard joint shaft.


1. Using a screwdriver and hammer, install a new dust cover. Using a screwdriver and hammer, install a new dust seal. Before reassembly, wrap splined axle shaft ends with plastic tape to prevent damage.

2. Temporarily install outboard and inboard joint boots and clamps. Apply grease supplied with kit to outboard joint and boot. Apply grease supplied with kit to inboard joint and boot. Temporarily install inboard boot to inboard joint shaft.

3. Ensure both boots are positioned on axle shaft groove. Ensure boots are not stretched or contracted when axle shaft is at standard length. Drive shaft standard length is 20.53-20.69" (521.5-525.5 mm). See Fig. 13 .

4. Position large inboard joint boot clamp and secure clamp. Position remaining boot clamps and secure.

Toyota Sienna 2006 Tripod Joint Boot
Fig. 13: Measuring Front Axle Shaft Length (Sequoia) Courtesy of TOYOTA MOTOR SALES U.S.A., INC.

2001 DRIVE AXLES AWD & FWD Axle Shafts - Highlander, MR2, RAV4 & Sequoia


1. To install, reverse removal procedure. Before installing axle shafts, install NEW snap ring on end of axle shaft. Coat axle shaft seals in transaxle with grease. Coat axle shaft splines and sliding surfaces with gear oil. Position snap ring on end of axle shaft, with opening facing downward.

2. Install axle shaft by lightly tapping axle shaft into transaxle. Ensure axle shaft will move inward and outward approximately .079-.120" (2.00-3.00 mm), and cannot be pulled from transaxle.

3. To install remaining components, reverse removal procedure. Tighten remaining bolts/nuts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS . Fill transfer case (or transaxle) with appropriate lubrication.

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