NOTE Always replace bearing spacer whenever drive pinion nut is loosened or removed


1. Install NEW bearing spacer onto drive pinion. Install plate washers onto drive pinion (if equipped). Install oil storage ring (if equipped). Using a hammer, Replacer Pipe (09316-00011) and Replacer (0931600021), install front bearing outer race.

2. Using Puller Set (09950-30011) and companion flange, install front bearing onto drive pinion. Install oil slinger, (if equipped).

3. Using seal driver and a hammer, install NEW oil seal into differential housing.

4. Install NEW seal to correct depth in differential housing. See DRIVE PINION OIL SEAL DEPTH INSTALLATION SPECIFICATIONS table.



In. (mm)

Sequoia & Tundra

Flush With Carrier End



.059 (1.50)




.039 (1.00)

Without Electronic Locking Differential

.020 (.50)


.039 (1.00)



5. Apply grease to lip of oil seal. Install companion flange onto drive pinion. Apply gear oil to threads of NEW drive pinion lock nut and install nut.

6. Tighten drive pinion nut to minimum specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS . Using an INCH-lb. torque wrench installed on drive pinion nut, measure drive pinion rotating torque required to start rotation of drive pinion to determine drive pinion bearing preload. Drive pinion rotating torque should be within specification. See AXLE ASSEMBLY SPECIFICATIONS .

7. If drive pinion rotating torque exceeds specification, replace spacer and repeat procedure. If drive pinion rotating torque is less than specified, tighten drive pinion nut in small increments until correct rotating torque is obtained. DO NOT exceed maximum drive pinion nut torque. If maximum torque is exceeded, replace spacer and repeat procedure. DO NOT back off drive pinion nut.

8. Once correct drive pinion rotating torque is obtained, stake drive pinion nut against drive pinion. To

2001 DRIVE AXLES Differentials & Axle Shafts - Rear Separate Carrier complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Ensure all reference marks are aligned. Tighten nuts and bolts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS . Fill differential with gear oil.

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