NOTE Be careful not to apply too much grease

1. Apply MP grease to new spider and bearings.

2. Align the matchmarks on the yoke and shaft.

3. Fit the spider into the yoke.

4. Using the Universal Joint Bearing Remover & Replacer (09332-25010), install the bearing on the spider.

5. Using the Universal Joint Bearing Remover & Replacer (09332-25010), adjust both bearings so that the snap ring grooves are at maximum and equal in width.

6. Install 2 new snap rings of equal thickness which will allow 0-0.0020" (0-0.05 mm) axial play. See SNAP RING SIZE SELECTION .

7. Using a hammer, tap the yoke until there is no clearance between the bearing outer race and the snap ring.

8. Check that the spider bearing moves smoothly.

9. Check the spider bearing axial play. The maximum bearing axial play is 0.0020" (0.05 mm). 10. Install new spider bearings on the flange side in the procedure described above.

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