NOTE Note locations of all thrust bearings thrust races and thrust washers for reassembly reference See

1. Remove wire harness and throttle cable clamp. Remove transmission shaft lever and park/neutral position switch. See Fig. 6-Fig. 11 . Remove cooler line side unions. On A340E and A340F models, remove speedometer driven gear or No. 1 and No. 2 speed sensors (if equipped) from extension housing. On A340F models, remove transmission fluid temperature sensor from right side of transmission case. On V8 models, remove OD direct clutch speed sensor.

2. On A340F models, remove breather hose from transfer upper cover and transmission shifter control retainer. Remove engine rear mounting. Remove dynamic damper (vibration damper) from transfer case. Remove drive shaft upper dust cover. Unbolt and remove transfer case from transmission. DO NOT damage adapter rear oil seal with transfer input gear spline.

2001-05 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS A340E & A340F Overhaul

3. Remove speed sensor snap ring, sensor rotor and key. Remove transmission housing from transmission case. On A340E models, remove extension housing. Remove speedometer drive gear snap ring, drive gear and lock ball from output shaft. Remove sensor rotor and key (if equipped). On A340F models, remove transfer case from transmission. On all models, remove transmission oil pan. To prevent contamination of valve body, DO NOT turn transmission over.

4. Remove oil filter and solenoid wiring. See Fig. 6-Fig. 11 . Remove oil tube(s). Disconnect throttle cable from cam (if applicable). Remove valve body. Remove check ball body and spring. See Fig. 12. Remove accumulator piston springs. Apply air pressure to proper passages of transmission case to remove accumulator pistons. See Fig. 13-Fig. 15 . Remove throttle cable from transmission case.

5. Remove parking lock pawl bracket. Disconnect parking rod from manual valve lever. Remove "E" ring from shaft. Carefully remove lock pawl, spring and shaft. Using chisel and hammer, cut and remove spacer from shaft. Drive out roll pin. Remove manual valve lever shaft through transmission case. Remove manual valve lever.

6. Remove oil pump from transmission case using appropriate puller. Remove overdrive planetary gear unit with overdrive direct clutch from case. Remove bearing and race. See Fig. 16. Remove overdrive planetary ring gear. Remove bearing and race.

7. Check overdrive brake piston stroke. Install dial indicator on overdrive (OD) brake piston. Measure stroke by applying 57-114 psi (4-8 kg/cm2 ) compressed air to opening in case. See Fig. 17. See OD BRAKE PISTON STROKE SPECIFICATIONS table. If piston stroke is not within specifications, inspect clutch discs.

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