NOTE Use following procedure if DTCs are displayed without connecting jumper wire between terminals Tc and CG of DLC

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When DLC3 terminals Tc and CG are connected together, air bag sensor assembly is set in Diagnostic Trouble

2001 ACCESSORIES/SAFETY EQUIPMENT Toyota - Air Bag Restraint Systems

Code (DTC) output mode. DTC is displayed by flashing of AIR BAG warning light. Diagnostic Procedure

1. Turn ignition switch to LOCK position. Disconnect negative battery cable. Wait at least 90 seconds. Access and disconnect air bag sensor assembly connector. See AIR BAG SENSOR ASSEMBLY under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION.

2. Measure resistance between ground and air bag sensor assembly connector A20, terminal No. 19 (circuit Tc, Pink-Black wire). See Fig. 22 . If resistance is more than one megohm, replace air bag sensor assembly. If resistance is less than one megohm, repair or replace harness or connector.

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