NOTE Voltage between terminals VCM and E V

Master cylinder pressure sensor No. 2: CHECK:

2001 BRAKES ABS With EBD & Trac & VSC System - Diagnostics - Sequoia

Start the engine and depress the brake pedal, then check the relation between the fluid pressure and voltage of PMC2 and E2 terminals of the master cylinder pressure sensor No. 2 with connector still connected.

Fig. 74: Checking Master Cylinder Pressure Sensor No. 2 OK:

Front brake caliper fluid pressure


0 kPa (0 Kgf/cm2 , 0 psi)

0.37 - 0.63 V

5,883 kPa (60 kgf/cm2 , 853 psi)

1.72 - 1.98 V

11,768 kPa (120 kgf/cm2 , 1,706 psi)

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