Power Brake Unit Push Rod Except Land Cruiser Runner

1. Install adjusting gauge on master cylinder with master cylinder gasket in place (on RAV4 use two NEW gaskets to master cylinder. Lower adjusting gauge pin until pin slightly touches master cylinder piston.

2001 BRAKES Disc & Drum - Trucks & Vans

Perform STEP 1. See Fig. 2 . Turn adjusting gauge upside down and install on power brake unit.

2. Measure clearance between power brake unit push rod and adjusting gauge pin head. Measured clearance should be zero on all models except Sienna without VSC (Vehicle Speed Control). On Sienna with VSC clearance should be .014" (.35 mm). Perform STEP 2. See Fig. 2 . If clearance is not as specified, adjust brake booster push rod length until push rod lightly touches adjusting gauge pin head.

Brake Booster Push Rod Gauge
Fig. 2: Adjusting Brake Booster Push Rod Courtesy of TOYOTA MOTOR SALES, U.S.A., INC.

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