Rear Drive Axles


1. Install nuts onto ends of axle bearing retainer serration bolts. Use a hammer to remove serration bolts from backing plate. Remove nuts and bolts.

2. Grind retainer and ABS sensor rotor surfaces, and pry out with hammer and chisel (if equipped). Remove snap ring from axle shaft.

3. Install washers and nuts onto backing plate serration bolts. Tighten nuts to install serration bolts to backing plate. Remove nuts and washers.

4. Install Rear Axle Shaft Puller (09521-25011) on backing plate with the 4 nuts. See Fig. 2 . Using a press, remove axle shaft and bearing retainer from backing plate. Remove nuts and puller.

5. Using a lathe and dial indicator, check axle shaft runout. If axle shaft runout exceeds .079" (2.0 mm), replace axle. See Fig. 3 . Using Oil Seal Puller (09308-00010), remove outer oil seal from backing plate. Using a press and proper adapter, remove bearing from backing plate.

6. Position axle shaft in soft-jaw vise. Use brass bar and hammer to remove 5 lug bolts. Remove oil deflector and gasket. Using puller, remove oil seal from axle hub.


2001 DRIVE AXLES Differentials & Axle Shafts - Rear Separate Carrier

1. Using seal installer and hammer, drive NEW oil seal into axle housing. Coat seal lip with grease. Install NEW oil deflector and gasket onto axle shaft. Install lug bolts to axle shaft.

2. Using a press and proper adapter, install NEW axle bearing into backing plate. Install NEW outer oil seal into backing plate. Position backing plate on axle shaft. Using a press and proper adapter, install axle shaft to backing plate.

3. Using a press and proper adapter, install NEW ABS sensor rotor and retainer to axle shaft. See Fig. 4 .

4. Install washer and nut to one NEW hub serration bolt. Tighten nut until serration bolt is fully in place. Repeat for each serration bolt.

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    How hard is it to install a rear axle in a 2001 Toyota Sequoia?
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