Removal Installation

WARNING: Unintentional air bag module deployment is possible. Personal injury may result. Never use memory savers when working on air bag system. Unintentional air bag module deployment is possible. Failure to follow service precautions may result in air bag deployment and personal injury. Read and carefully follow all WARNINGS and AIR BAG SAFETY PRECAUTIONS before working on air bag system or related components. See AIR BAG SAFETY PRECAUTIONS . After component replacement, check system operation. See SYSTEM OPERATION CHECK .

NOTE: To prevent damage to trim panels, wrap tip of screwdriver with protective tape.

AIR BAG SENSOR ASSEMBLY Removal & Installation

1. Before proceeding, see AIR BAG SAFETY PRECAUTIONS . Turn ignition switch to LOCK position. Disconnect negative battery cable. Wait at least 90 seconds.

2. Air bag sensor assembly is located on the floor inside center console. See Fig. 11 . Unscrew and remove shifter knob. Using screwdriver, pry up on shifter hole cover and remove cover. Using screwdriver, remove upper console panel electrical switches and upper console panel.

3. Remove rear heater control from rear console box (if equipped), bolts and rear console box. Using screwdriver, remove front console pocket. Remove 2 clips, 2 bolts and front console box. Disconnect air bag sensor assembly electrical connectors. Remove 4 Torx screws retaining air bag sensor assembly. Remove air bag sensor assembly.

4. To install, reverse removal procedure. Tighten air bag sensor assembly mounting screws to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS . Activate air bag system. Check AIR BAG warning light to ensure system is functioning properly. See SYSTEM OPERATION CHECK .

2001 ACCESSORIES/SAFETY EQUIPMENT Toyota - Air Bag Restraint Systems

Ignition Switch Sequoia
Fig. 11: Identifying Air Bag Sensor Assembly Courtesy of TOYOTA MOTOR SALES, U.S.A., INC.

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