Air Conditioning System Check Sheet

Customer's Name

Registration No.

Registration Year

Frame No.

Date vehicle Brought In

/ 1

Odometer Reading

km Miles

Date of Problem Occurrence

/ 1

How Often does Problem Occur?

U Continuous U intermittent ( times a day)


□ Fine □ Cloudy □ Snowy □ Various / Other

Outdoor Temperature

n Hot n Warm □ Cool □ Cold (Approx. )


Air Flow Control is Faulty

I ] Blower motor does not operation L Blower motor speed does not change (Always Hi, Always Med, Always Lo)

Temperature Control is Faulty

I : Cabin temperature does not go down □ Cabin temperature does not rise L Response is slow

Air Inlet Control is Faulty

I j Cannot change between FRS and REC (Always Fresrt or always Recirculating)

Vent Control is Faulty

I Mode will not change I : Will not enter the desired mode

DTC Check

1st Time

U Normal Code □ Malfunction Code (Code )

2nd Time

[ I Normal Code l_ Malfunction Code (Code )



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