Coat all parts with ATF prior to installation Coat thrust bearings and races with petroleum jelly prior to installation


1. Position planetary gear with input shaft pointing upward. Install thrust washer in planetary gear with grooved side facing upward. Install one-way clutch into outer race with flanged side facing upward. See Fig. 32.

2. Install one-way clutch assembly on planetary gear. Install retaining plate and snap ring. Install race on back of planetary gear. Race tabs must be engaged in planetary gear. See Fig. 33.

3. Install ring gear flange and snap ring. Install thrust bearing and race in planetary ring gear. Race tabs must be engaged in ring gear. Coat "O" rings with ATF and install on clutch piston. Carefully install clutch piston in clutch drum. Install piston return spring. Using appropriate compressor, compress return spring and install snap ring. Ensure ring is fully seated.

2001-05 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS A340E & A340F Overhaul

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