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DTC C0200/31, C0205/32, C0210/33,

Speed Sensor Circuit


DTC C0226/21

ABS & VSC Solenoid Circuit

DTC C0278/11

ABS & VSC Relay Circuit

DTC C1203/53

ECM Communication Circuit Malfunction

DTC C1223/43

ABS Control System Malfunction

DTC C1231/35, C1235/35

Steering Angle Sensor Circuit

DTC C1232/32, C1244/44

Deceleration Sensor Circuit

DTC C1234/34

Yaw Rate Sensor Circuit

DTC C1241/41

Power Source Circuit

DTC C1247/47

Delta S Sensor Circuit

DTC C1249/49

Stop Light Switch Circuit

DTC C1251/51

ABS & VSC Pump Motor Lock

DTC C1310/11

Active Brake Booster Solenoid Circuit

DTC C1311/12

Brake Inhibit Relay Circuit

DTC C1337/37

Some tire is Different Size from the Other Tires

DTC C1340/47

Center DIFF. Lock Circuit

DTC C1360/61

Master Cylinder Pressure Sensor Circuit

DTC C1361/62

Abnormally Battery Voltage of VSC Sensor

DTC C1362/36

Malfunction in Sensor Set Value (VSC Sensor System)

DTC C1363/63

Booster Pedal force Switch Circuit

DTC 42

ECU Communication System Malfunction

DTC 44

NEO Signal Circuit

DTC 53

ECM Communication Circuit Malfunction

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