Disconnect Hoses Wires Connectors Clamps Grommet And Cables

a. Disconnect the 2 PS air hoses from hose clamp on the No.3 RH timing belt cover.

b. Disconnect the generator wire.

c. Disconnect the generator connector.

d. Disconnect the hose clamp for the PS air hose.

e. Disconnect the PS air hose from the upper intake manifold.

f. Disconnect the 2 heater hoses.

g. Disconnect the ground strap from the cowl panel.

h. Disconnect the fuel inlet hose and clamps.

i. Disconnect the fuel return hose and clamp.

j. Disconnect the air inlet hose from the charcoal canister.

k. Disconnect the EVAP hose from the charcoal canister.

l. Disconnect the brake booster tube.

Avalon Charcoal Canister

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