Forward Clutch


1. Separate forward clutch assembly from direct clutch. Place overdrive support on wooden blocks and install forward clutch in overdrive support. Remove snap ring from clutch drum. Remove flange, discs, plates and cushion plate. See Fig. 37. Note number and location of components.

2. Using appropriate compressor, compress piston return spring and remove snap ring. Place clutch drum on overdrive support. Carefully apply air pressure to piston supply port and remove clutch piston. Remove "O" rings from clutch piston and clutch hub. Remove oil seal rings.


Clean all components (except discs) with solvent. Dry with compressed air. Inspect plates and discs for flaking or burnt areas. Ensure check ball is free in clutch piston. Apply air pressure to check ball area. Ensure check ball does not allow air to bleed through piston. Measure inside diameter of clutch drum bushing. Replace clutch

2001-05 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS A340E & A340F Overhaul drum if bushing diameter exceeds .948" (24.08 mm).

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