Inspect Fuel Cutoff Valve And Fill Check Valve

a. Disconnect the purge line hose and EVAP line hose from the charcoal canister.

b. Plug the cap to the air drain hose.

c. Pressurize 4 kPa (41 gf/cm , 0.58 psi) to the purge port and check that there is ventilation through the EVAP line hose.

2004 ENGINE PERFORMANCE Emission Control System - Sequoia

Vacum Control Motor 1kz
Fig. 16: Disconnecting Purge Line Hose And EVAP Line Hose Courtesy of TOYOTA MOTOR SALES, U.S.A., INC.


In the condition that the fuel is full, as the float value of the fill check valve is closed and has no ventilation, it is necessary to check the fuel amount (volume).

d. Check if there is any struck in the vent line hose and EVAP line hose.

If there is no stuck in hoses, replace the fuel cutoff valve and f check valve.

e. Reconnect the purge line hose and EVAP line hose to the charcoal canister.

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