NOTE When alternately grounding terminals Tc and AB release ground from one terminal and immediately ground the other terminal within second If time interval exceeds second DTCs will not be cleared

2. Starting with jumper wire connected to terminal Tc, apply body ground alternately to terminal Tc and terminal AB twice each, in cycles of 1/2 to 1 1/2 seconds (sequence is: Tc, AB, Tc, AB). Finally, keep applying body ground to terminal Tc until AIR BAG warning light flashes quickly, indicating DTCs are cleared.

2004 ACCESSORIES/SAFETY EQUIPMENT Toyota - Air Bag Restraint Systems

Using Toyota Hand-held Tester

Connect Toyota hand-held tester to DLC3. DLC3 is located under left side of instrument panel. Clear DTCs by following prompts on tester. See tester operator"s manual for instructions.

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