Od Planetary Gear Od Direct Clutch Od Oneway Clutch Disassembly

1. One-way clutch operation should be checked prior to disassembly. Hold clutch drum and rotate input shaft clockwise. See Fig. 30. Input shaft should rotate freely clockwise and lock counterclockwise.

2. Remove clutch drum from planetary gear. Remove thrust bearing from clutch drum. Remove snap ring, flange, discs and plates from clutch drum. Note number and location of components.

3. Using appropriate compressor, compress piston return spring and remove snap ring. Carefully release press and remove piston return spring. Place oil pump on torque converter. Place clutch drum on pump. Hold clutch piston and carefully apply air pressure to oil pump port. See Fig. 31. Remove direct clutch piston.

4. Remove snap ring and ring gear flange from planetary ring gear. Remove bearing race from rear of planetary gear. Remove snap ring, retaining plate, one-way clutch assembly and thrust washer from planetary gear. Remove one-way clutch from outer race. Remove thrust washer.

2001-05 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS A340E & A340F Overhaul


1. Clean all components (except discs) with solvent. Dry with compressed air. Inspect plates and discs for flaking or burnt areas. Ensure check ball does not allow air to bleed through piston.

2. Measure inside diameter of clutch drum bushing and planetary gear bushing. See Fig. 28. Maximum diameter for overdrive direct clutch drum bushing is 1.067" (27.11 mm). Maximum diameter for overdrive planetary gear bushing is .444" (11.27 mm). Replace components if damaged or not within specifications.

3. Measure planetary pinion gear thrust clearance. See Fig. 29. Standard clearance should be .008.024" (.20-.61 mm). Maximum clearance is .039" (1.00 mm). If clearance is not within specifications, replace planetary gear assembly. Check OD direct clutch return spring free length. Include spring seat in measurement. Standard free length is .622" (15.80 mm).

Overhauling Clutch Assembly


Fig. 28: Measuring Clutch Drum Bushing Diameter Courtesy of TOYOTA MOTOR SALES, U.S.A., INC.

2001-05 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS A340E & A340F Overhaul

Toyota Valve Body Ball A340e


Fig. 29: Measuring Planetary Pinion Gear Thrust Clearance Courtesy of TOYOTA MOTOR SALES, U.S.A., INC.

2001-05 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS A340E & A340F Overhaul

2001 Toyota Sequoia Body Parts


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