Oil Pump


Place oil pump on torque converter while working on pump. Remove seal rings from rear of oil pump. Remove bolts from rear of pump assembly. Remove stator shaft from pump housing. See Fig. 26.

Place reference mark on drive and driven gears for reassembly reference and remove from pump housing. If oil seal requires replacement, pry seal from housing with a screwdriver.

Cleaning & Inspection

1. Clean all components in solvent. Dry with compressed air. Inspect contact surfaces between housing and driven gear for wear. Check gears for wear and body crescent for damage. Check pump gear contact surface on stator shaft for damage and wear.

2. Measure inside diameter of oil pump housing and stator shaft bushings. Measure driven gear-to-housing clearance and gear tip clearance. Using feeler gauge and straightedge, measure gear side clearance between pump housing face and top of gears. See Fig. 27. See OIL PUMP CLEARANCE SPECIFICATIONS table.

3. If clearance(s) are not within specifications, replace worn component(s). Pump gears must be replaced as

2001-05 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS A340E & A340F Overhaul a matched set. If bushing diameter exceeds specification, oil pump housing or stator shaft must be replaced.

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    How to change an oil pump on a 2002 toyota sequoia?
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