Terminals Continuity


Terminals 2 - 5



Terminals 1 - 5


2004 BRAKES ABS With EBD & BA & TRAC & VSC System - Diagnostics - Sequoia

Fig. 91: Connecting Terminal For Measuring Resistance & Continuity Courtesy of TOYOTA MOTOR SALES, U.S.A., INC.

NG: Replace brake booster ( VACUUM BRAKE BOOSTER ). OK: Go to next step.

2. Check for open and short circuit in harness and connector between booster pedal switch and skid control ECU (See HOW TO USE THE DIAGNOSTIC CHART AND INSPECTION PROCEDURE ).

NG: Repair or replace harness or connector.

OK: Go to next step.

3. Check STS (5) terminal voltage at skid control ECU is 5 V.

NG: Replace skid control ECU.


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