Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart


DTC Detecting Condition

Trouble Area


• The occupant classification ECU receives a line short circuit signal, an open circuit signal, a short circuit to ground signal or a short circuit to B+ signal in the.

• Occupant classification ECU malfunction

• Front seat assembly RH (Occupant classification sensors)

• Occupant classification ECU

• Seat wire No. 1



When DTC B1650/32 is detected as a result of troubleshooting for the supplemental restraint system, check the DTCs stored in the occupant classification ECU. When DTC B1793 is output, perform troubleshooting for the DTC.


2006 RESTRAINTS Supplemental Restraint System - Sequoia

Fig. 186: Occupant Classification Sensor Power Supply Circuit Malfunction - Wiring Diagram Courtesy of TOYOTA MOTOR SALES, U.S.A., INC.


• If troubleshooting (wire harness inspection) is difficult to perform, remove the passenger seat installation bolts to see the under surface of seat cushion.

• In the above case, hold the seat so that it does not fall down. Holding the seat for a long period of time may cause a problem, such as seat rail deformation. Hold the seat only as necessary.

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