Dtc B Rear Occupant Classification Sensor Lh Collision Detection Description

DTC B1787 is output when the occupant classification ECU receives a collision detection signal sent by the occupant classification sensor rear LH if an accident occurs.

DTC B1787 is also output when the front seat assembly RH is subjected to a strong impact, even if an actual accident does not occur.

However, when the occupant classification ECU outputs a collision detection signal, even if the vehicle is not in a collision, DTC B1787 can be cleared by "Zero point calibration" and "Sensitivity check".

Therefore, if DTC B1787 is output, first perform "Zero point calibration" and "Sensitivity check". DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE CHART


DTC Detecting Condition

Trouble Area


• Front seat assembly RH malfunction

• Occupant classification ECU malfunction

• Occupant classification sensor rear LH detects heavy load.

• Front seat assembly RH (Occupant classification sensor rear LH)

• Occupant classification ECU


When DTC B1650/32 is detected as a result of troubleshooting for the supplemental restraint system, check the DTCs stored in the occupant classification ECU. When DTC B1787 is output, perform troubleshooting for the DTC.


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