Dtc Detection Condition And Trouble Area Reference


DTC Detection Condition

Trouble Area


Gear required by ECM does not match actual gear when driving. (2 trip detection logic)

• Shift solenoid valve S2 remains open or closed

• Shift solenoid valve SLT remains open or closed

• Valve body is blocked

• Automatic transmission (clutch, brake or gear, etc.)

monitor description monitor description

This DTC indicates a stuck ON malfunction or stuck OFF malfunction of the shift solenoid valve S2.

The ECM commands gear shifts by turning the shift solenoid valves ON/OFF. When the gear position commanded by the ECM and the actual gear position are not the same, the ECM illuminates the MIL and stores the DTC.

monitor strategy



Shift solenoid valve S2/OFF malfunction Shift solenoid valve S2/ON malfunction

Required sensors/Components

Shift solenoid valve S2, Vehicle speed sensor, Throttle position sensor, Speed sensor (NT), Speed sensor (NO)

Frequency of operation



OFF malfunction (A), (B) and (C): 0.4 seconds OFF malfunction (D): Immediate

ON malfunction (A) and (B): 0.4 seconds ON malfunction (C):

2006 TRANSMISSION A750F Automatic Transaxle - Sequoia

3 seconds

ON malfunction (D):

0.5 seconds

MIL operation

2 driving cycles

Sequence of operation


typical enabling conditions typical enabling conditions

The following conditions are common to all malfunctions below: OFF malfunction (A), (B), (C), (D) and ON malfunction (A), (B), (C), (D)

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