Perform the test with the AC OFF


Performing the intelligent tester's ACTIVE TEST allows relay, VSV, actuator and other items to be operated without removing any parts. Performing the ACTIVE TEST early in troubleshooting is one way to save time.

The DATA LIST can be displayed during the ACTIVE TEST.

a. Remove the test plug on the transmission case center right side and connect SST. SST 09992-00095 (09992-00231, 09992-00271)

b. Connect the intelligent tester to the CAN VIM. Then connect the CAN VIM to the DLC3.

c. Start the engine and warm it up.

d. Measure the line pressure with the SST.

e. Turn the intelligent tester ON.

f. Enter the following menus: DIAGNOSIS / ENHANCED OBD II / ACTIVE TEST.

g. Follow the instructions on the tester and perform the ACTIVE TEST.

h. Measure the line pressure with the SST.




Test Details

Diagnostic Note

Operate shift solenoid SLT and raise line pressure. [Vehicle Condition]


OFF: Line pressure up (when Active Test of "LINE PRESS UP" is performed, ECM commands SLT solenoid to turn OFF) ON: No action (normal operation)


(1) "LINE PRESS UP" in the ACTIVE TEST is performed to check the line pressure changes by connecting SST to the automatic transmission, which is used in the HYDRAULIC TEST (See

2006 TRANSMISSION A750E Automatic Transaxle - Sequoia

HYDRAULIC TEST ) as well. Please note that the pressure values in the ACTIVE TEST and HYDRAULIC TEST are different.


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