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System Name


Back Door Power Window Control System


• When there is a malfunction in the contact point of the terminals or installation problems with parts, removal and installation of the suspected problem parts may return the system to the normal condition either completely or temporarily.

• In order to determine the malfunctioning area, be sure to check the conditions at the time the malfunction occurred, such as by DTC output and freeze frame data output, and record it before disconnecting each connector or removing and installing parts.

• Since the vehicle stability control system may be influenced by a malfunction in the other systems, be sure to check for DTCs in the other systems.

• Be sure to remove and install the ABS and VSC actuator and each sensor with the IG switch OFF unless specified in the inspection procedure.

• When removing and installing the ABS and VSC actuator and each sensor, be sure to check that the normal display is output in test mode inspection and in DTC output inspection after installing all the parts.

• After replacing the yaw rate sensor and/or the ABS and VSC actuator assembly, make sure to perform yaw rate and deceleration sensors' zero point calibration (See CALIBRATION ).

• The CAN communication system is used for data communication between the skid control ECU (included in the actuator), the steering angle sensor, and the yaw rate sensor (the deceleration sensor is included). If there is trouble in the CAN communication line, the DTC of the communication line is output.

• If the DTC of the CAN communication line is output, repair the malfunction and troubleshoot the vehicle stability control system.

• Since the CAN communication line has its own length and route, it can not be repaired temporarily with the bypass wire, etc.

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