Top 7 Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

If you intend to keep using your motorcycle for a long time and get the most out of it, you must always prioritize its maintenance. A well-maintained motorcycle also ensures that you and other road users are safe.

Check out these 7 motorcycle maintenance tips:

  1. Change the tires

The tires of your bike are undoubtedly some of its most important parts. A damaged or poorly maintained tire can result in accidents, which can cause injury, damage of properties, or even deaths. To maintain the tires, gauge their pressure. When you are done, compare it with the recommended pressure. Based on the condition of the tires, inflate or deflate them.

Don’t forget to take a look at the treads. Are they in good condition? Be certain of the condition of the treads before riding the bike again.

  1. Change the oil

For the engine of your motorcycle to continue running effectively, it should be well oiled. So, don’t wait until the motorcycle breaks down before checking the oil levels. Change the oil regularly, especially after you have covered thousands of miles. If necessary, change the oil fill cap.

  1. Test the brakes

The brakes help your bike stops whenever you want it to do so. Therefore, it must always work properly, or else you may be in serious trouble. Test the brakes by pressing the front brake lever. Afterward, squeeze the rear brake pedal. If the brakes stop the wheels immediately, you can rest assured that the brakes are working perfectly. If not, don’t hesitate to take a look at the brake fluid levels. However, you may need to take the motorcycle to your mechanic if the brakes don’t respond well after changing the brake fluid to the required levels.

  1. Check the electrics

Are the lights of your bike working properly? Are the cables in good condition? You need to ascertain these parts during the maintenance process. Generally, to check the electrics, you need to check the brake lights, tail-lights, indicators, headlights, and other lights. Similarly, see whether the clutch, brake, and throttle cables are working properly or not.

  1. Change the air filter

Sometimes, the air filter of your bike will be clogged or filled with dirt, debris, etc. This can have a significant impact on the performance of your motorcycle.

Air filters are placed in different places in bikes, so look for where the air filter is located and replace it. Notably, you may need to remove some parts of the motorcycle before reaching the filter.

  1. Clean the chain

The majority of the modern chains on bikes don’t require lots of cleaning. However, this doesn’t mean you should let the chain become dirty and rusty. From time to time, clean and lubricate the chain to ensure that it can move easily and freely.

In addition to these top 7 motorcycle maintenance tips, endeavor to clean terminal connections of the battery if dirty. Make sure the bolts and nuts are not loose. Also, don’t forget to clean the whole body and engine of the bike. With all these tips, you can rest assured that your motorcycle will serve you for many years.

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