Check Fuel Cutoff Valve And Fill Check Valve

a. Disconnect the vent line hose from the fuel tank.

b. Connect the pressure gauge to the fuel tank.

c. Fill the fuel tank with fuel.

d. Apply pressure of 4 kPa (41 gf/cm2 , 0.58 psi) to the vent port of the fuel tank. HINT:

It is necessary to check the amount of fuel in the fuel tank. When the fuel tank is full, the float valve of the fill check valve is closed and no air can pass through.

e. Remove the fuel cap, and check that the pressure drops.

2007 ENGINE Emission Control - Sequoia


If the pressure does not drop, replace the fuel tank assembly. f. Reconnect the vent line hose to the fuel tank.

Toyota Camry 2002 Gas Tank Vent

2007 ENGINE Emission Control - Sequoia

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